Tembak Ikan

Tips and Tricks to Win at Tembak Ikan (Shoot The Fish)

Currently a game called Tembak Ikan or Shoot The Fish is very booming at Online Casino Websites. Because this game very simple and fun and can earn money. This shooting game demands carefulness and good strategy. Without all that, players only waste their money because every shot worth money.

Before start to play, look for a good Tembak Ikan Terpercaya. Because player need to make a deposit to buy ammunitions. If you play at some online betting sites, not ammunition you get but you will lost your deposit and also your withdraw that will not come. What a waste of time, isn’t it?

Judi Tembak Ikan Terbaik

Many type of tembak ikan games can be chosen on this site. Before playing, read the rules first so you will know what items are available and the use of each item. The most important thing is to know which fish has bigger reward and which fish has the jackpot.

Make your budget before entering the room. Choose the room according to your budget. You don’t want to run out of ammunition while shooting. You will lost all important moments if you run out of ammunition while playing. So plan well. This is the important parts.

If you have low budget, don’t choose an empty room. Choose a room where at least 1 other player available. This trick is very useful for shooting a big fish. Because low budget player will have difficulty to shoot big fish alone. And don’t hesitate to trash other players. But keep n mind, don’t get greedy, give chance to other player so they can also kill the big fish. You need them to keep playing.|

In any shooting games, a good strategy and co-operations are very important and a must. Shoot The Fish game also similar to it. Although players don’t know each other, need co-operation to kill a big fish.

If you see special item in the game, shoot it fast and take it because special items will help player to shoot the fish faster and earn money, Because the main purpose of playing this game is to make money with own capital.

If you find a big fish along with a group of small fishes, try to shoot the small fishes first with hoping that the big fish also get shot. Becareful with other players because in a shooting games, to trash is a common thing but don’t get greedy.

Play calmly and concentrate, don’t rush and don’t get emotional. Because all these will only mess up your aim and shot. The best strategy will ruin and lost if you get emotional and rushing.

Don’t ignore the mini game. This mini game was made to make player get points easier in the game. The main target is The BIG BOSS. Killing this big boss will affect your winning.

Don’t play too long, aim and concentration will degrade and loss if tired. Take a break around thirty minutes to rest the eyes and the minds. Relax your muscle and calm yourself.

Try to move your seat or even change room if you feel the game is not conducive and not fun. By changing seat or room sometimes will improve your luck and condition. This game is a strategy game, so other player will definitely try to provoke you and will try to make you miss your shot or try to make you shoot blindly.

The most important while gambling is don’t get greedy. Make a target for your daily win or loss. Stop if you can achieve your target. Harder to do than being said. Remember that you play this game to get income and fun. Win means happy and loss means sad. Broke can make one depressed. Try Tembak Ikan Terbaik Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

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