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Favorite Card Games

Card games are the most favorite games in Online Casino. These card games already been around since hundred years ago. At the beginning, card was used for fortune telling and then evolved and became games.

Many variant of card games around the world. Here some of the favorite card games you need to know before playing at online casino.


Poker is the most favorite card games at offline and online. Many casinos offer this type of game. Many version of poker but the most common and played right now is Texas Holdém Poker.  Many variant of Holdém Poker from Texas to Omaha, etc.

Poker can be played by two players minimum and maximum seven players. However at some casino, poker can be played up to nine players in one table.


Ceme is a variant of domino cards. This game most popular on Asian. The masterpiece of domino games known widely in Indonesia.

You can find many players play this game offline and online. There are gambling websites dedicated to this game only. This game is played offline in every family gathering, or with friends and neighbors. In Online Websites, the players will gather and play against each other. The website will provide the sever, tables and all the systems and takes some commission from the total bet for the services.

This game has a simple gameplay whereas two cards will calculated and the highest point will win. The highest point of this game is nine. So whoever get nine will win. However there also a special cards same like poker. The specials are Balak Kecil, Balak Besar, Murni Kecil, Murni Besar. Balak is called dots in English.

Judi Ceme Terbaik


One of the oldest game card in the world of gambling is baccarat. This game is separated in two Banker and Player, whereas players can place their bet in Banker or Player. Player can also bet on Tie if the player predict that banker and player will have the same points.

Baccarat once is a luxury games on eighteen century and can only be played by nobles. Then this game was adopted by casino and make baccarat a friendly game and can be played by everyone.


Everyone knows blackjack. A twenty one card games and also one of the favorite games on earth. You also can find this game on every Casinos. There will be a dealer against mostly seven players in one table. The players will compete and try to make their cards higher than the banker. The maximum point is twenty one. The players have the advantage in this game because there is no minimum point for players while the dealers has a minimum sixteen or seventeen points depend on the casino. If the dealer get below the minimum point, the dealer need to draw the card until it reach the minimum point. More than twenty one point is called bust. So no matter how many point the dealer gets, if the player get a bust then it will consider lost.

There are many type of card games beside the four mentioned above.  Which one is your favorite game? Don’t forget to play at Judi Poker Terbaik.

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What is Live Casino Online?

Since along time ago until now, everyone like to gamble. Many type of gambling on a daily routine from lottery, playing card with friends or casino. Currently, for comfort and convenience, many offline Casino offer Live Casino Online whereas all the games are offer live. Players can directly see the games by streaming along with all the beautiful and sexy bankers of your convenience.

Big Online Casinos such as SBO, IDN, Asia Gaming, All Bet and many more, are using an agency system for the registration and finance whereas many prospecting players find this very troublesome because they don’t know which are a trusted and good agents or a fake one. Many agencies only wants their commission rather than the player convenience. Also there are some fake agents tricked the prospect players with a lot of cashback and bonus upon registration. When the players do the deposit or withdraws, these agents will block your numbers and vanish

Because of these inconvenient issues, there are some onlne gambling sites try to facilitate players with the big houses, these sites even have their own live casino so players can choose many games to play without being worried they get scam. Fast deposit and withdrawal system and a lot variation of games to choose from , so this site can be called as Situs Live Casino Terbaik at this moment.

Live Casino Terbaik

This site offers many online live casino games such as baccarat, sixbo, roulette, dragon tiger, blackjack and many more. With beautiful dealers and supported by Big Houses, this site want to spoil their players with many easiness of play. They also provide one address which is secure and can be access without any block from government or isp. And like Big Houses, they also provide android app for the comfort and easiness of play.

With 24 hours Online Customer Services, the fast deposit and withdrawal and support from Big Online Casinos, many players already registered on this site. They also provided a game called sexy baccarat where the players can play the game with sexy dealers as the banker.

This Live Casino is getting its popularity than Sportbooks because available for 24 hours all day long and players can choose their own trick and how to play, differ from Sportbooks which depend on the result of a game.

One of the favorite game is baccarat. Because it has a fast gameplay and player can choose which card will win. In baccarat, there are two type to be chosen by players which is Banker and Player. Many players prefer bet on Player because if the Player Card win then they will get the winning in full while If Banker Card win, the winning will be deduct 5%.

The other favorite game is Blackjack. Same as baccarat, BlackJack is also a fast game and can trigger adrenaline. Player has to make their card better than the banker. This is a unique game because player can only have cards with maximum value of twenty one to win the game. More than twenty one then will called bust and the player loss. While banker shall stop if their total hand has a minimum value of sixteen.

Basically all Online Casino has same games, the difference only at the service and security offered by each house. The most important thing is the support of local bank for direct deposit and withdraw without agents.