HyperApp is a present-day JavaScript library for creating a quick and full of features applications in the spectator. The size of the Hyperapp is very small, it is of some 1.4 kb. This is very easy and very fun to use. The structure of the Hyperapp takes from oneself from React, Redux, and Elm, and giving my original ideas and community-contributed responses are the mixture. It was created with the idea to do more with less effort. I have always wish to decrease the reliance and write-down of an uncomplicated software, and It has given me the chance to do it. Now I want to tell you that  Hyperapp unites state authority with a VDOM motor that braces the updates of the keyed & life process happenings and all with no need of seeking support for.

The project at the back of the evolution of Hyperapp framework is to take more all of less by decreasing the reliance and write easy software code. It has an on-line community foundation and the one who wants to engage in those of the community is to lend a hand in creating the Hyperapp much powerful fore-end framework above its opponent frameworks.

Hyperapp JS is Node.js which is placed by fore-end technology. So, we need to install Node.js if we want to create any application over Hyperapp JS. You need to search Node.js for thousand then double Click on the installer (node-v4.4.7-x64.msi). When you click on the next button there, the box will ask you now to accept the End-user License Agreement, and now check the box and click on the Next button again. Now choose the destination folder so that you can install the Node.js files.

Features HyperApp

1. The first feature of Hyperapp is that it does more with less.

2. Views, actions, effects and subscriptions are all pretty easy to get and work together smoothly.

3. Another feature about it is “WRITE WHAT, NOT HOW”.

4. Hyperapp unites state authority with a VDOM motor that braces the updates of the keyed & life process happenings.

Download TweakBox  HyperApp

Download iOS
  1. Locate to download files and open TweakBox-iOS file.
  2. The installation will automatically prompt in your device screen, just tap to “install”.
  3. And When you see the download dialogue box, tap to “Install” again.
  4. Just open the TweakBox iOS app and download unlimited apps and games.

: In case if the iPhone security blocks the installation, go to Settings – Apps – Click on “Trust this app”. This happens because this app is from unsigned developer of Apple Store. This app requires no jailbreak.

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