Tembak Ikan

How to Make Easy Money by Playing Game.

We used to play game only for fun and wasting time, only spent money to buy any kind of games. However in this millennial, someone can earn money just by playing games. Not only Pro Gamers or some Youtubers can earn money, everyone can earn money easily by playing game. There is a game called Tembak Ikan or Shoot The Fish whereas we shoot the fish until it dead and we can earn money. Many online casino offer this kind of game. However better to observer which is the best site to play at Situs Tembak Ikan Terbaik.

Many variations of this shoot the fish game, whereas all have the same purpose which is shoot the fist to get money. One bullet can be a value of two hundred Rupiah until four thousand Rupiah. The interesting part of this game is that it can be played by multiplayer.

Judi Tembak Ikan

To make this game more challenging, whenever a player can kill a fish, sometimes if lucky, the player can get a big Jackpot. There are items in game such as bomb or chained shot. The Shot can be set manually or automatically.

To play, the house usually provide several rooms according to its bet value. So pick a room that match your budget to avoid lose because you run out of bullet while playing. The interesting part is there is a Fish Boss whereas the reward is bigger compare to the small fishes.

Here some tips to get a winning:

  • Choose the room wisely. Don’t rush yourself for a winning. Don’t choose room with bigger bet because this game takes awhile to play.
  • Read the rules first before starting so you will know the value of each fish and which item can help for easier gameplay.
  • Shoot manually and be smart. Better observer the gameplay first before shooting to know which fish has higher reward.
  • Don’t try to shoot the big fish at the beginning because it is impossible to kill It without special items. Try to shoot smaller fish first.
  • If you find a group of small fishes with a big fish in the middle, try to shoot the small one first because there is a possibility of a chained shot so the big fish can be shoot to.
  • Patience is needed in the game and enjoy the gameplay, because if you shoot randomly and emotionally will only waste the bullets and you will lose money. Remember each bullet has a money value.
  • Make a winning or losing target before play. Stop after you reach the target and continue playing tomorrow.

Above are the common triks to earn money by playing shoot the fish online. If you bored with regular online casino games or Sportbooks then Shoot The Fish can be a good alternative. The game is fun and can earn money. This game is simple and no need of some sort difficult calculation or any kind of tricks. Everyone can play this game however need a good and smart strategy if you want to earn money from this game. The game looks very simple but it can give you a lot of money especially when you hit the Jackpot. With small capital can earn more money. Let’s try Tembak Ikan Terpercaya Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay