Live Casino Roulette

Roulette for Beginner.

Roulette is a unique Casino games played with a board, a spinning wheel and a small ball. There are 36 numbers on the wheel with the zero as a joker. Roulette divided in two variants. French Roulette and American Roulette. The different between them is the zero. French has one zero while American has two zeros in the wheel and the board. There’s also a hot sexy dealer to spin the wheel.

How to play Roulette.

Roulette played by throwing the ball into the wheel and then the dealer will spin the wheel. The wheel will spin around one minute and then the dealer will stop the wheel when the ball drop in one of the numbers. Player will place the bet before the dealer spin the wheel.

Roulette Bets.

Player can bet up to maximum ten type of bets on roulette.

  • Single : Player can place the bet on any numbers on board. This is the highest payout and the most difficult bet to win. The ratio is 1:36 whereas you will get 36 times winning from your bet including your placed bet so basically you will get 35 times winning..
  • Split : Player bet on two numbers side by side and the player will place the bet at the middle line between the two numbers. The ratio is 1:
  • Street : Player bet on three numbers on a line and the player will place the bet on the row. The winning ratio is 1:12.
  • Square / Corner : Player bet on four numbers and player will place the bet in the center of the four chosen numbers. The four numbers must be side by side. The ratio is 1:6
  • Double Street : Player bet on six numbers and player will place 2 street bets. The ratio is 1:6
Roulette for Beginner

Those are the five type of main bets on roulette which give the high payout.

Aside from the five main bets, there are five side bets as follows :

  • Dozen : As it name, player bet on 12 numbers or a dozen numbers The 36 numbers were divided in three part. Left, middle and right. Player can place their bet in either one of the three. The ratio is 1:3.
  • Column : Player will bet 12 numbers like the dozen but different from dozen, player will bet all 12 numbers horizontally. The ratio is 1:3.
  • Red or Black : Player will bet on Red or Black. There are 18 numbers of Red and Black. The ratio is 1:2.
  • Odd or Even : Player will bet on Odd or Even. There are 18 numbers for Odd and Even. The ratio is 1:2.
  • High or Low : Player will bet on High or Low. Some will call this Big or Small. There are also 18 numbers for that. The ratio is 1:2.

This side bets have higher chance of winning but smaller payout while main bets have higher payout but lower chance of winning. If you don’t have high budget, start by betting on side bets rather than main bets. This will give you higher chance on winning. After you raise and build your capital and observe the gameplay, you can start betting the main bets. But keep in mind that better to bet main bets and side bets altogether. That way you won’t lose money if you miss the main bet. Play by the pattern and don’t play against the house. Meaning if the result is five big on a row, there’s a chance another big as a result so either bet Big or don’t bet and wait until it breaks. Play Roulette Online at Live Casino Terpercaya. Happy playing.