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WeChat is a very popular application around the globe. The application is owned by a well-known company known as Tencent which is Asia’s one of the biggest company in the world. The app is from China company, but the use of the application is not only limited to China but also from the whole world. When the application started, it started with the feature of only chatting, like you chat and make conversations with anyone you like. But now the application can also make payments, or hail a ride and even book flights for you. It is not like any other social media like messenger or WhatsApp, it is little different from them.


The key function of the WeChat application is texting, this is similar to WhatsApp, you can add anyone you like in WeChat and can chat and make conversations with them like WhatsApp. You can add people in the WeChat in many ways like scanning the QR code, or by the phone number and also by the users I’d. In payments features there are some limits like to do payments for street vendors or taxis, you need to have a bank account in China bank. You can link to WeChat with payments if you have a Chinese account. The super apps name is given to app WeChat and Ali pay because each thing is United for one service. As a substitute of having one application for hailing the rides and the other for banking, most of these are simply made into WeChat so that the application is made only one-stop for the users of applications.

Features WeChat

1. WeChat is the combination of WhatsApp and Facebook, but in WeChat there is more of it.

2. In-country China, WeChat is used by every person because all their things are done by WeChat.

3.  With chatting, payments, booking flights and hailing rides, WeChat also offers video chat, voice chat, gaming and many more.

4. Many celebrities are also making accounts on WeChat and this gave them the opportunity to connect with their fans more.

Download WeChat

Download iOS
  1. Locate to download files and open TweakBox-iOS file.
  2. The installation will automatically prompt in your device screen, just tap to “install”.
  3. And When you see the download dialogue box, tap to “Install” again.
  4. Just open the TweakBox iOS app and download unlimited apps and games.
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